Lion Bababoo Push and Pull Toy


Lion Bababoo Push and Pull Toy

From 12 months

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The Push and Pull Toy "Lion Bababoo" is the perfect companion for your little one! It is designed to roll along the floor when pushed or pulled by a string as soon as your little adventurer learns to walk. Lovely details such as a bell and coloured wooden balls provide an additional level of exploration. Motor skills such as pulling, pushing, and gripping are promoted playfully.

  • Packaging with play function
  • Banderole to color and play with
  • With loop, to tie your own cord for pulling along (recommended cord length: 60 cm, max. 75 cm)

Contains a great PlayTales™ story card about working together and helping each other.



Whale Wilma Pull Along Toy Whale Wilma Pull Along Toy
Whale Wilma Pull Along Toy $32.99

From 12 months

With Wilma as a companion, your toddler will be drawn into every adventure! Our Whale "Wilma Pull Along" is a creative and exquisite take on an iconic children's learning toy. For sustainable and long-lasting stimulation of all sense: Whether crawling on the floor or taking their first steps, Whale Wilma is always there. Movable details, elements, and a bell encourage discovery, touch, and exploration. Dexterity and motor skills such as pulling, pushing, and grasping are encouraged in a playful way.
Bababoo and friends Play Figures Bababoo and friends Play Figures
Bababoo and friends Play Figures $16.50

From 18 months

Our charming wooden play figures are the perfect addition to our books and play stories. Children can act out the stories or let their imaginations run wild with their favorite characters. Bababoo and friends® can be physically brought on countless adventures anywhere. Lovingly designed illustrations on the front and back. With Wilma's cart nothing gets in the way of any adventure! Ideal size and shape for children's hands. If the two parts of the box are placed one inside the other, an illustrated playground is created for the figures. Thereby allowing kids to take their favorite characters with them on infinite excursions and play opportunities!
Wonder Tree Shape Sorting Clock Wonder Tree Shape Sorting Clock
Wonder Tree Shape Sorting Clock $32.99

From 24 months

While playing hide and seek on the flower meadow, Bababoo and Pippa come across a wondrous tree that effortlessly teaches you how to solve a mess of numbers correctly. The unique Bababoo and friends® sorting and learning clock teaches children much more than just reading the time. The number blocks with their different shapes and colors enable the child to play, sort and recognize relationships. Develops logical thinking and hand-eye coordination. Sorting each individual block of numbers into the appropriate form gives the child a great sense of achievement! The number blocks are provided with magnets, which create another level of experience for the child. The multifunctional sorting clock helps the child to recognize connections in order to further train their cognitive abilities. The sorting and learning clock is an ideal educational game to stimulate social interaction and to promote language skills.
Treehouse Discovery Game Puzzle Treehouse Discovery Game Puzzle
Treehouse Discovery Game Puzzle $21.99

From 12 months

The 6-piece tree house plug-in puzzle shows charming illustrations by our friends. reveals many small details of the tree house as soon as the parts are removed. Excellent way to develop fine motor skills in young children. sharpens awareness of the relationship between individual parts and the whole. Puzzles are fun, develop problem-solving skills and boost children's self-confidence.

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